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'THE TOO GOOD TO EAT CAKE COMPANY' is a home based cake making business based in a small village called Upper Tumble, LLanelli..... relocation is in progress and for now Jan isn't taking on any cake commissions until further notice (May 2017)The website will also be undergoing some new construction and updating, sorry for any inconvenience....thank you.

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Modelling and novelty designs is Jan's speciality either on wedding or celebration cakes which can incorporate almost anything into the unique finished design, please take your time to browse through the pages and look at the various cake designs. As you will see there are endless possibilities to embrace your very own design, whether it is a hobby, your interests, a profession or traditional.

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This website is used only as a reference site, it has no capacity to run as a shop. All enquiries are welcome please check out the contact details page.

You can follow regular updates on : https://www.facebook.com/TheTooGoodToEatCakeCompany