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Cakes - All cakes are sized at the time of ordering according to instructions given. Please use the cake portion size chart as a guide for your cake requirements. All the cakes are hand made and therefore slight variations may occur from photographs but every endeavour will be taken to keep to the original design. Please do not embarrass Jan or yourself by asking for a copy of another cake designers cake to be copied outright - go to the original cake designer! 

*** Please notify us at time of ordering if there is an allergy or dietry condition to be taken into consideration ***

Nut Allergies - Every care will be taken to not cross-contaminate cakes being prepared with this allergy, please inform at time of ordering or if you are not sure, then go nut free in fruit cakes and no chocolate cake as traces can be found.

Dairy Allergies - Soya based cakes instead of marg/butter is used but not suggested for larger cake orders.  

Gluten Allergies - Gluten free cakes can be produced with a wheat free flour and again not suggested for larger cake orders.

Orders - To avoid any disappointment when making an order give as much notice as possible, Jan can take orders with a 2 week notice were possible but has to refuse orders if she is already at full capacity.  Minimum notice for wedding cakes 3 months especially for fruit cakes to be made and mature if that is your preference.


Toppers - Figures on top of wedding/celebration cakes can be great fun, a talking point and a good way to make fun of each other but modelling in modelling paste and sugar dough is only a graphical representation. Not recommended to be eaten as they become a keepsake of the special occasion. A deposit of £25 for toppers and sugar flowers is required when placing your order.

Personal photographs - All photographs supplied for the purpose of modelling/design on your celebration cake will be returned to you in the original envelope(s) to which they came in.  


Cake stands - At present Jan Clement-May does not have any cake stands or knives for hire therefore a third party/supplier would need to be contacted, an agreement signed and paid for directly.  Stands could then be either taken straight to venue or drop off with Jan to take to venue with the cake(s) but does not take any responsiblity  or liability for the return of any stand or knives back to the supplier. 


Payment - Jan accepts a non-refundable £50 deposit for all wedding cakes to hold a date for a wedding with the final balance being paid 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Failure to do so will incur problems with the completion of your wedding cake. A deposit will be taken for the larger celebration cakes of 25% of final costings. All cakes need to be paid for before or on the day of delivery or collection either by cash or BACS - Cheques until the banks stop taking them!.

Delivery - All wedding cakes are delivered boxed and boxes left at the venue unless otherwise instructed. There is a fee for this service,  £25 up to a 30 mile radius or alternatively you could pick the cakes up yourself from Jan at a time/date suitable to both parties and agreed at time of consultation. Celebration cakes are never delivered unless prior arrangement has been agreed at consultation and fee has been costed into the final amount due. Cakes can be delivered further than the 30 mile radius but will have an additional cost please enquire when placing your cake order.

Fresh flowers - Many fresh flowers and foliage are not used as they are poisonous. If this is a preference of your design then liasing with your florist would be appreciated to ensure that the flowers do not come into contact with the cake surface, matching of flower colours and design of the cake if necessary. Alternatively, handmade sugar flowers could be made  and incorporated into your finished design - a great keepsake and memory of your special day.


Storage - Cakes should be stored in a cool dark place away from sunlight and damp conditions on a flat sturdy surface in the box(s) provided. Sponge cakes will keep for 5 days after delivery/pickup, fruitcake lasts perfectly well for months (uncut) but not years in cool conditions.

Cancellation - Your deposit is non-refundable at time of placing an order. Changes in design or alterations to size will result in a new quotation, no changes can be accepted after final payment (4 weeks prior to celebration date). If however, the celebration is being moved to a later date please check for availability and all plans will be moved accordingly.

Loss or damage - Jan Clement-May and The Too Good to Eat Cake Company accept no responsibility for loss or damage to the cake once the cake has been accepted either when collected or at the venue, or for loss, damage or non-delivery under unavoidable and exceptional circumstances.

Copyright - copyright of this site: Graphics, Photographs, Text, Design layouts, look and appearance, etc. remains the property of The Too Good to Eat Cake Company and Jan Clement-May, it's licensors and its content providers unless otherwise stated. You have the right to view this website and copy to cache for personnel reference by yourself only. Unauthorised copying of any part of this site constitutes a breach of copyright.

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